States Finalizing Fiscal 2019 Budgets

By Brian Sigritz posted 13 days ago

As of May 16, 34 states have enacted a new or revised budget for fiscal 2019. 46 states begin fiscal 2019 on July 1 (New York began on April 1, while Texas begins on September 1 and Alabama and Michigan on October 1). 16 states have yet to enact a budget for fiscal 2019. In addition, another 3 states that previously enacted a two-year budget for fiscal 2018 and fiscal 2019 are currently considering a revised or supplemental budget proposal. Last year, 17 states enacted budgets covering both fiscal 2018 and fiscal 2019.

For the most current information on states’ budget status, please visit NASBO’s state-by-state listing of proposed and enacted budgets.

Additionally, for summaries of governors' budget proposals for fiscal 2019 please click here.