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Governors' Budgets for FY2020: Trends in Transportation and Infrastructure

By Brian Sigritz posted 04-01-2019 09:28 AM


This year, governors have made several significant recommendations related to transportation and infrastructure. At least seven governors this year, including four in the Great Lakes region, proposed new increases in state gas taxes to help meet transportation and infrastructure demands. If the seven proposals pass, it would raise to 33 the number of states that have increased motor fuel taxes since 2013. In addition to raising fuel taxes, other proposals include new bond sales, added tolling, new electric and hybrid vehicle fees, increasing motor vehicle sales taxes, and increasing vehicle registration fees. Also related to infrastructure, at least 11 states included the expansion of broadband internet, particularly to increase access in underserved communities.

This issue brief highlights some of the key proposals related to transportation and infrastructure recommended by governors for fiscal 2020. The state examples are meant to be illustrative but not exhaustive.